Montrose Apartments Hurricane Season Tips And Resources

August 20th, 2020

We know that hurricane season in Houston can be scary. We all remember Hurricane Harvey and all the storms of our past, that’s why our Montrose apartments put together a quick list of tips and reminders to help you prepare for hurricane season.  

- Plan ahead. Hopefully this is easy with Whole Foods next door to us. Be sure to stock up on bottled water as tap water may not be safe to drink after a storm, as well as non-perishable food; enough to last 3-4 days. You’ll want to make sure your gas tank is full too, even if you don’t plan on evacuating, though we recommend following all government rules and mandates. 

- Emergency kits are incredibly important, and should include flashlights and batteries or candles and matches in case the power goes out. It should also have food and water, and anything else you may need like medications or pet food. 

- Stay updated with local news stations and social media, and read any emails you get from our Montrose apartment team. We stay in constant communication with our residents during a storm updating you on what is happening. 

- Make sure your insurance policies are updated and you have copies of the policies, information, and phone numbers on hand in case you need them. 

- Take care of your pets. We love being a pet-friendly Montrose apartment community, and know their safety is just as important during a storm. Please remember that floodwaters and chained up animals can be tragic, so don’t leave them outside, and read more about pet safety during a storm

- Charge all of your electronics. Fully charge your cell phone and any old phones. Most will still be able to dial 911 in case of an emergency even if the phone has been disconnected.

- Write down important phone numbers. Be sure to keep a list of important friends and family phone numbers on the fridge.

- Secure everything on your balcony and patio. If you have furniture or plants outside during a storm, we recommend bringing them in or securing them so they don’t get blown away.

- We recommend taking videos and photos of all your belongings inside and around your Montrose apartment, including your cars, bicycles, and anything else. These become increasingly important if you need to make an insurance claim. 

- Use extreme caution while driving around Houston, and be sure to follow all signs and check water levels. Houston underpasses can be a dangerous place for cars, so when in doubt, sit it out. We also recommend making an emergency kit for your car. We love our location near Buffalo Bayou, but those roads often get closed during major storms, and for good reason. Please use caution while driving, and only drive if absolutely necessary. 

Here are more weather disaster tips from the CDC to keep you safe and updated during a storm or emergency. Our maintenance team works double time during storms to ensure you have a safe and wonderful place to live, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you or how we can help you.

No matter what storms come our way, we love our resilient city and invite you to visit our Montrose apartments this week. Call us at 281.688.6478 to schedule a private tour or stop by. Read more of our Montrose apartments blog for fun things to do and check out in the Montrose neighborhood, and stay safe Houston.