Montrose Apartments Built With Quality Steel Frame Construction

August 20th, 2020

People always seem to rave about apartment complexes and their grand amenities, but the actual building process and construction design never seems to get as much attention, even though the benefits for residents are incredible.

Did you know our Montrose apartments are part of only 5% of apartment buildings that are built from a steel-frame construction? But what exactly does that even mean? In short, a steel frame construction offers much better insulation and noise cancellation between floors, keeping residents happier, among other important benefits.

2900 West Dallas Montrose apartments are built with a 6-inch concrete steel frame with mat decking and another 1-inch of real white oak stained flooring, which serves multiple functions. This includes 6-inches of concrete above and below each apartment home, where your typical “stick build” or wood frame building design has hollow space between each floor, creating noise echoes and other sound issues.

Our Montrose apartment manager Matthew Harms understands firsthand how important it is to have a steel frame construction and loves educating his apartment tours on what it means and why 2900 West Dallas is different than so many other Houston luxury apartments.

“I have lived in and worked in many different Houston apartment complexes, and none with a more resident-friendly soundproofing construction than 2900 West Dallas,” says resident and property manager Matthew Harms. “A common complaint in the industry is having to listen to your noisy neighbors above you, and we don’t get a lot of that here at 2900 West Dallas,” says Harms.

The noise cancelling benefits are worth the extra time and money during the building process, but the strong steel frame construction also provides additional safety features, and makes it more cost effective when it comes to electricity. These are all added benefits for apartment residents at our Montrose Houston apartments. Check out some other safety benefits for steel frame apartment buildings.

Sound-dampening features and cost saving aspects like electricity are just a few of the reasons these Montrose apartments have above average retention rates. The luxurious Montrose apartments have a Google rating of 4.5 with 150+ reviews naming location, quality, and luxury as top reasons.

We invite you to visit our Montrose apartments this week. Call us at 281.688.6478 to schedule a private tour or stop by anytime. You can find us directly next door to Whole Foods Montrose, and you can read more of our Montrose apartments blog for more fun things to do and check out in the Montrose neighborhood.